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Dig This is a giant sandbox for adults who use bulldozers and other construction equipment to make the most of their wild Vegas vacation (or blow off some steam). Imagine being able to push and lift your way to fun on a massive 315C Excavators, or get behind the wheel of a D5G Bulldozer!

For those of you who are really feeling destructive you have an opportunity to CRUSH a car with a 30,000 lb Caterpillar Excavator! Dig This didn’t forget about the kiddo’s either since this is a playground. Kinds have the ability to get behind their very own MINI EXCAVATOR so their are activities for the entire family.

Here’s what the people are saying about it:

“This is a lot of fun. I came here as part of a work activity.
The staff is friendly and engaging. They supply you with plenty of corny puns during instruction, of course!
At the end you receive a “graduation” certificate.” ★★★★★

– Daniel Call, Google Reviews Local Guide

What a great time at had!!
“These guys are really good at what they do and they make sure everyone has a good time! Such a fun experience! Both my husband and I did the excavator. It was insane fun! I’m say I was a bit scared at first, the thing is massive and so powerful. But they have control of the machines in case anything starts going sideways!
I’d definitely recommend this to anyone!” ★★★★★

– Fernanda Nunes Ramalho, Google Reviews Local Guide

“My wife and I took our 2.5 year old son here and he absolutely loved it. They have a smaller excavator for kids. It’s non drivable but the boom and bucket are fully operational. My son sat on my lap and Taylor walked us through the controls. He was extremely helpful, patient and professional. The first part we scooped rocks then moved them into a pile. Then we moved to a different excavator where played a “basketball” game where you tried to scoop softballs off of a cone and drop it into a bucket. Taylor then hooked up a chain and hook to the bucket and we had to fish ducks out of a pond. Really really cool experience for my son. They also had a bunch of toys in the lobby. Would definitely recommend for parents with kids.” ★★★★★

– Jesse Petrillo, Google Reviews

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